BRIDGE Whey Protein – Coconut Flavour – 32 servings


There are three main types of whey proteins that are going to be predominantly used throughout most protein products. These forms of proteins are: Whey protein concentrate – this can be anywhere between 20% protein to 80% protein depending on quality. Meaning that 100g of WPC will contain anywhere between 20g to 80g protein per 100g serving. This will also be your cheapest form of good quality protein outside of your lesser quality protein sources. Whey protein isolate – this is generally 90% to 95% protein! It is extremely high quality and generally contains zero fat, zero carbs and no lactose. It is very readily absorbed by the body and has the most research in showing its benefits for metabolic output and muscle growth and recovery. Whey protein hydrolysate – This is the Rolls Royce of proteins. It is also about 90% to 95% protein etc however, it has been slightly pre-digested exposing its peptides. This allows the body to digest and utilize it on a level that WPC and WPI just cannot match! With the above being said, for each type of protein you will get different qualities and bio-availability. We pride ourselves in using proteins sourced from USA and Europe that are of an extremely high quality for the best dietary use. Our ISO-Bridge protein has higher bio availability than eating chicken or eggs and contains zero lactose! So if we look at our two products: BRIDGE – This protein is more WPC based with a small amount of WPI and WPH. This allows us to price the product at a more competitive price due to the WPC being the cheaper to source of the three. This product is still extremely high quality and will beat all other proteins on the local market with similar protein ratios. You will notice this in texture and very low fat and carb numbers. ISO-BRIDGE – This protein is only WPI and WPH – The two highest quality proteins combined making this a very premium protein product and suited to those who want to invest in the best. One thing to note however, is that a WPC dominant protein like BRIDGE will always have a better texture due to higher milk solids. Our ISO is still amazing though! With both our proteins we have added AstraGin which is a pharmaceutical grade patented ingredient used to increase protein and amino acid absorption. This ensures that every gram of protein in our shakes is absorbed. Other protein powder powders that do not contain AstraGin have much lower absorption rates. On top of this, both of our proteins have our own blend of digestive enzymes to ensure maximum digestibility and gut health when using our proteins.

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