Organic Cordyceps 90 Capsules


Adaptogenic + Sustained energy + Anti-inflammatory + Immune support

The cordyceps mushroom is known as the ‘the athlete’s mushroom’ as it may boost the body’s supply of ATP, a primary source of energy to improve stamina and endurance to potentially support physical performance.

Also referred to as an aphrodisiac, it may enhance oxygen uptake and is said to enhance libido and fertility. There are bioavailable nutrients unique to tonic mushrooms, like cordyceps, which may be immuno-modulating and strengthen the immune system, whilst others may reduce inflammation and support the liver.

Certified Organic. Steam Activated. Bioavailable.

Soaring Free Cordyceps is steam-sterilised which breaks down the hard-to-digest chitin and makes the nutrients more bioavailable. It is tested for starch to ensure quality and is not mixed with fillers.


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