Organic Reishi Powder 90 Capsules


Stress balance + Immune support + Renewed vitality

Reishi is an adaptogenic functional mushroom, that is used for managing the effects of stress and strengthening the immune system. It is said to be one of the top mushrooms used to support longevity, promote peace of mind and renewed vitality.

Interesting To Know: Reishi has been revered in Asia for over 2000 years as an ‘elixir of immortality’.

Certified Organic. Steam Activated. Bioavailable.

Soaring Free Reishi is steam sterilised which is a process that breaks down the hard-to-digest chitin and releases the potent nutrients, making them more bioavailable.

Features & Benefits:

Health benefits of reishi are said to be:

Combats Stress – calming adaptogenic

Anti-ageing – revered longevity tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Strengthens Immunity – helps to keep illness at bay

Adaptogenic – balances the body’s systems


HPMC veg capsules

Product of China

How to use:

Use 3-6 capsules per day. Up to 9 capsules per day can be used to accelerate results

1 bottle = 90 x 500mg veg capsules

If you have a health condition, are on medication, pregnant or nursing, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for recommended use.


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