SPELLBOUND Pre-workout – Watermelon Candy Flavour – 20/40 servings


Featuring our very own METAPUMP specific ratio pump amplifier, GlycerSize and grape seed extract all totalling 10gs of ingredients you are sure to have never seen before blood flow and intra-muscular muscle pumps!

Containing over 2gs of active ingredients and 60mg of L-Dopa, get ready to hone in like never before! No matter what challenge you face in the gym, our focus blend will keep you plugged into your workout no matter how gruelling!

Featuring Dynamine and slow-release caffeine – a clinically proven and studied combination, you will have steady long-lasting energy for hours on end with zero jitters or crash!

Featuring Astragin! A clinically proven gut health and absorption aid, you will know that each sip you take is being fully absorbed for maximum effects and value per scoop!

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