My Story

I am Helene Janse van Rensburg.
I am a qualified Nutrition Therapist and Passionate about Healthy Living, Mindful Eating and Exercise.

I am proudly South African and based in Honeydew, Gauteng.
I obtained my diploma at The Nutrition Institute of South Africa.

My background

My interest in health started at a young age. I was brought up in a traditional Afrikaans family where our diet was based on traditional boerekos and braai meats. I learned my cooking and baking skills from my very talented mother. Our diet had a huge impact on my energy levels; mood; immune system and gut. I was the odd child in the family who rebelled against the traditional meals and spent many hours researching better eating habits and nutrition.

Sport and exercise have always been part of my life. Always asking and learning about mindful eating to increase my performance and physique. I spent most of my working career in a Corporate Environment and finally decided to follow my passion by assisting people with healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

I love my kitchen and I am always developing new tasty healthy meals. I do one on one custom plans for each client’s needs and health conditions. I provide weekly meal plans with easy to follow recipes and a shopping list. I work with a very professional software to ensure that each meal contains the right balance of nutrients.

I also provide advice on vitamins and minerals required in your diet. I supply directly to your doorstep. I also have wellness partners to assist you with your exercise requirements.

Bring your partner and family on board and let me help you Reset Your Body with healthy eating habits and long term wellness. Become a Better Healthier You!

Meet my Heart and Family

I am married with children. My husband is a financial advisor with PSG and we make the perfect Wealth and Health Team. He shares my passion for healthy eating and exercise. We participate in many outdoor activities every weekend and do spoil ourselves with dining out.

Life is about balance. Everything in moderation. Like most parents we struggle to keep our kids healthy and teach them to eat their fruits and vegetables and limit the junk food as much as possible. Teaching them good eating habits from a young age is vital for their growth, bodies and minds.  Indiana is the baker in our home and baking is a happy family activity in our home. Cooking and baking does not always have to be a stressful chore but can be a fun family event in your kitchen.

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