Braai with my Boet​

Braai with my Boet

Meet my brother; Niel Burger.

Our family’s rock and legend. It is an honour and a special experience to Braai with my Boet. He calls his wide range of braai equipment “stoep jewellery”. He is also a gadget addict and one of the few braai enthusiasts to my knowledge that utilizes a Bluetooth Grill Thermometer to ensure his meat is cooked to perfection.

Always accompanied by a good bottle of wine for inspiration. He will also surprise you every time with a new and decadent “braai broodjie” that will often steal the show. Spices he knows! There is often a spice tasting and education while we enjoy his spectacular “atmosvuurtjie”.


We shared only a few of his recipes

Email us at [email protected] to obtain more of his recipes.

More about Niel

I’m not a health-nut by any standard, but attempt to balance things out by using natural ingredients whenever practical, avoiding condiments and using ingredients without too many artificial colourants and the like. I’m not a purist and do transgress frequently, but as example rather use my own chilli sauce than off-the-shelf products and I use butter – not spreadable plastic (margarine). Although I have a great appreciation for fine dining, great culinary skill, a fan of the perfect bite and the like, I’m all for flavour. I honestly prefer robust flavour and rustic food that is easy and quick to prepare.

Our family leads a busy life with little time for complications and time-consuming meals. The result is that I generally prepare meals that are not time consuming to prep, cook or plan. The reward is always about the end-product – it’s the synergy of how it looks, smells and tastes that makes for a memorable experience.

I consider recipes as a guideline and fuel for inspiring my own creations that seldom flop, but always reward, even when they do not turn out as planned. I’ll rather have a go at something than regret not having tried. I do not have culinary skills other than that learnt in time from those in the know. My mother, who is a phenomenal cook, was most likely my greatest inspiration, but bachelorhood and cooking for many as a river-guide sparked my confidence to just go for it.

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