Fitness Partner – Tarryn

Meet my fitness partner

Tarryn Herholdt

P 082 975 5805 | E [email protected]

Qualifications: B-tech Degree in Sports and Exercise Technology. Certificate in Pre and Post natal pregnancy.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 8 years. I am extremely passionate about a good balance in your daily life, staying physically and mentally healthy, eating right but most importantly feeling good about oneself in your own skin. Consistency is key.

I studied my passion for five years which landed myself with a B-tech Degree in Sports and Exercise Technology. I then went to on to teaching for 7 years where I worked mostly with the school sports and physical education. I decided to venture on to filfull my passion and start personal training. For the past 8 years I have enjoyed every second of personal training. Seeing the results, progress and goals gained in each and every one of my clients. My challenge is to get my clients to find a love for training and feeling healthy. Healthy body, healthy mind.


What I can do for you:

Functional training

Strength and Conditioning


Toning and shaping

Pre and Post Natal

Kids Training

A daily exercise routine is hard but most definitely worth it. Just take the first step.

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