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Justine – Kelly Sutherland

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Qualifications: Certificate in Pilates Mat. National Diploma in Fitness (Exercise Specialist)

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. I have been practicing since 2011. I have been an athlete my whole life and in pursuing sport, my passion for fitness grew stronger and stronger as the years passed. Being in this industry has given me the opportunity to help so many individuals to reach their fitness goals, but what has made this journey so much more rewarding is to watch my clients blossom, it’s one thing to be able to help them get fit and toned or stronger and bulkier but when you can help them mentally and spiritually and also see their personalities change and their confidence levels rise that’s what makes the reward so much more worthwhile. When I see the smiles on their faces, that moment when they put that sexy dress on, or a smaller pair of jeans and the confidence levels spike, that’s when I know I have purpose and meaning and that I can change and help people to grow in more than one aspect of their life.

Personal training is more than fitness, it’s a life changing journey.

I love personal training, Pilates and healthy eating I love personal training, Pilates and healthy eating equally as they all have many amazing but different benefits. When it comes to my training I like to think of myself as a more functional trainer, I add many components to my training because I believe there are no limits to what the body can and cannot do. Also I don’t do boring!!!!!!!

I won’t say I am an expert and I also learn new things every single day but I do love sport specific training as well especially because it is a huge part of my backround. As for Pilates you can never go wrong and as traditional as Pilates is I always add a twist to my sessions and always keep it interesting. The benefits are endless and I like to keep it interesting and challenging for all my clients. I am not yet qualified as a Dietician but I can give advice and guidelines with regards to eating habits.


The components in my training just to name a few are:

Pilates and Stretch

Strength and

Core and

Sport Specific

Footwork, Speed and Agility

Pre and post natal pregnancy

Result Driven

A little bit about myself

I am the shyest person you can meet, but once you get to know me my personality comes alive, I have always loved “Different”, I love being creative in the gym and keeping things interesting. I love sport and being active, and when I am not in the gym I myself am also human and sometime take a lazy day to, read and watch series. I love spending time with my animals and absolutely love being social and spending time with family.


Balance is not something you can find, it’s something you create


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