Organic Moringa Powder 200g


Considered one of the most nutrient-dense plants on Earth, organic moringa powder is known to contain a wealth of essential nutrients, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, minerals, omega oils and even all of the essential amino acids, which is unusual for a plant source.

Soaring Free Moringa is RAW, so the nutrient profile is completely intact, which means that all the nutrients, such as quercetin, chlorogenic acid and the exceptional vitamin C content (7 x more than oranges), are fully bioavailable.

Features & Benefits:

Moringa is used in developing countries for correcting malnutrition because of its superior nutritional qualities. Add just a little to your daily diet to get that moringa magic!

Health benefits of moringa are said to be:

Blood Sugar Balancing – lowers blood sugar levels to counter-balance to a high-carb meal

Feel Good Food – improves neurotransmitter production, which means that you get more of those neurochemicals that make you feel good

Fights Free Radical Damage – contains 46 antioxidants making it a powerful antioxidant food

Super Nutrition – 92 nutrients, 15x the potassium of bananas (heart health), 17x the calcium of milk (bones, teeth, brain health), 4x the chlorophyll of wheatgrass (detox, alkalise)

Muscle Building and Repair – contains all the essential amino acids


100% organic moringa powder

Product of South Africa

How to use:

Moringa is a potent food and should be used in small amounts to avoid possible digestive discomfort.

Add it to juices and smoothies or as a “shot” with water. Blend with water, an apple and half a lemon for a lip-smacking moringa elixir.

Start with 1 level teaspoon and build up to 1 level tablespoon.


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